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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Useful academic terms that can be used in essay writing

Useful academic words and phrases that can be used in essay writing:

We all want our essays to be perfect. Who does not? There are several techniques available online that can be included to make an essay better; in terms of structure, formatting styles, writing skills and styles. But there is one dimension of writing also that is missed most of the time. It is using appropriate words fitting to context.
Here in this article, we will discuss on certain terminologies which can be utilized while writing an academic essay.

Academic writing follows formal writing style thus use of more formal words and phrases. It is fair enough to use these words properly so that it brings justice to the content which is being written.

To make it easier, here we have categorized the use of academic words and phrases according to the situations in which they are used. 

10 situations where appropriate academic terms can be used in essay writing:

1.Stating or proving a point:
  • To put in other words
  • According to a study
  • In my opinion
  • Adding to the fact
  • To estimate
  • To answer these questions, here we have
  • To add to the debate
  • On the logical grounds
  • In my point of view
  • In my experience
  • It is essential to...
  • With respect to...
  • Subsequently
  • Suppose to/use to 

  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly...
  • To begin with
  • Eventually
  • Discuss
  • Giving an outline
  • On account of
  • Typically
  • In the initial stage
  • Respectively
  • In this context

3.Referring to something:
  • Adding further point to this
  • In reference/with reference to this
  • As far as... is concerned
  • With regards to
  • Not only...but also
  • Coupled with
  • To be specific...
  • Having said that
  • Provided
  • With respect to

  • Similarly
  • As well as
  • In contrast to
  • When compared to...
  • Inspire of/despite of
  • In comparison to...

5.Giving examples:
  • For example
  • To illustrate this point
  • Such as...
  • That is to say

6.Giving importance:
  • Stressing on this
  • Based on this
  • I would like to point out

  • Standing by the point
  • Therefore
  • For this reason
  • Consequently
  • As a result

8.Extra information
  • Furthermore
  • Adding to this
  • On the contrary
  • However
  • In addition to this

9.To give clarification:
  • In fact
  • In theory it is...but in reality...
  • After considering the advantages and disadvantages...
  • Because of this...
  • On one hand...On the other hand...

  • On the whole
  • All in all
  • Basically
  • In general
  • To a large extent
  • As a rule
  • To some extent

These are few of the phrases that can be used while an essay is written to make it more effective and have better readability.

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