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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

How to write a law essay

How to write a law essay that will stand out?

All law schools certainly require you to study and write exams. There are assignments that are given in the form of essay. Now how to write a law essay?

Is it tough to write it? What are the procedures that need to be followed to write a law essay? Here is an article presented on how to write a law essay.

Elements of a law essay

1.Thesis statement: Thesis statement is such an element which will help in focusing on the main idea of the essay as well as build a link with the other sections. Thesis statements have to be written in few sentences so that it catches reader’s attention.

2.Arguments: Arguments are an extension to the already created thesis statement. They are to be included in the body section. Each paragraph that is written in the body section must involve an argument for each of them. Thus, it will have strong content to an essay.

3.Transitional sentences: To have link between each section, there must words which will conjoin them. Such words or phrases will help in taking forward an essay.

4.Title for the essay: Though a title is of shorter length, it can take an essay to a greater height. Hence suitable title must be selected for a law essay.

5.Topic sentences: Each paragraph must have these sentences. Topic sentences are those sentences which are the beginning words for a paragraph.

6.References and citations: Law essay is an example for an academic essay. All academic essays have references and citations to their essay. These reputable sources must be cited to make sure there is no room for plagiarism.

Step by step guide to write a law essay

With proper guidance and correct steps, a law essay can be written in a simple yet effective manner. Follow these steps given below to write a law essay.

Step 1: Carefully read the topic: To begin writing a law essay, the question given must be carefully read. This will help in writing an essay in a better manner.

Step 2: Research for the topic: The various resources for researching for the topic are: interview, speeches, articles, textbooks, editorials, bibliographies. These must be referred to in a proper manner so that accurate information can be used while writing an essay.  

Step 3: Refer to law books: Apart from the resources mentioned above, the primary sources that can be referred to are the law books and other discourses. These books will help in attaining first hand information.

Step 4: Create an outline: Gather the resources and structure your essay. An outline is the best way to start an essay and give it a proper meaning. Outline creates a structure which is easy to complete to it. 

Step 5: Begin your essay: The structure of an essay contains three sections. The first among them is an introduction section. Introduction section must be included to give out necessary information or introduce an essay to the audience. Thesis statement must be included in this section.

Step 6: Write the body section: Body section is second component of an essay. This section is written primarily to provide the claims and arguments which are necessary for an essay. It must three or more paragraphs which will suffice to the context which is being written.
It is necessary to link these paragraphs with signposting and transitional sentences.  

Step 7: Include conclusion section: This is a section which will conclude an essay. Conclusion section is not mere summary to an essay but rather synthesizes the overall information which is contained in the essay. 

Step 8: Edit the essay: To make an essay better, it is mandatory to refine. An essay must be refined with relevant filters added to it. Editing allows adding information, modifying it and deleting some of the unnecessary information which was added while drafting. 

Step 9: Proofread the essay: The last stage of an essay is the proofreading stage. Here the last scan for any errors, mistakes are spotted and rectified. 

Tips to consider while writing a law essay

1.Follow a specific formatting procedure to format your essay. The standard formatting styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago etc.

2.A law essay should be confined to accuracy and have information which is precise in nature.

3.The topic which is selected for writing a law essay must be critically analysed so that it can be presented in an appropriate manner.

Example topics for law essay
1.Employment rights

2.Intellectual property rights

3.Juvenile crime 

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