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Monday, 20 March 2017

Difference between editing and proofreading

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Editing and proofreading, both might mean the same thing. But there are certain parameters set which makes them very different from each other.

Both are an inevitable part of the writing process. Finding the difference between the two is not difficult. It itself is a difference where editing is the first stage after the write-up is finished and proofreading is the last stage of writing. 

Definition of editing:
Editing is more than a process in itself which helps in making an essay better. The intelligent part of editing is to modify the content without harming the meaning or opinion it provides.

Definition of proofreading:
Proofreading is a tool to check for the grammatical mistakes and typography that a write-up contains. It requires keen mind and observance to check each and every aspect of that an essay has to offer.   

5 differences between editing and proofreading


1.Editing is a tool: It is used to craft the essay in a better way, It involves adding more content to the existing write-up or discard certain content which is not required.

2.Checking the flow: Editing is a process where the flow of content and the use of words are given a check. Moreover, editors edit the content to bring clarity to it without harming the original writer’s idea or thought flow.

3.Makes it presentable: Editing makes the write-up presentable and appealing to eyes making it better organized.
4.Bringing clarity: Editing is a crucial part of writing where the overall structure, quality, flow, evidences and other aspects are given a keen look.

5.Addressing to audience: Editing is more concerned with targeting the write-up to the appropriate audience. Editing must be done is such a way it gets channelized properly without hampering the quality of an essay. 

1.Last stage of writing: Proofreading comes at the last stage of writing, where it is checked for one last time before it is ready for the publish.

2.Keen observation: When a content is proofread, it will test all arenas for getting the best write-up. There is a keen observation on the formatting style used, the type of English language used (British or American), sentence structure, and the style in which it is presented.

3.A note on spellings:  When a write-up is being written, there are less chances of detailing given to spellings, punctuation marks and the sentence structure. Thus while proofreading, all these come into picture.

4.Scanning the document: Proofreaders scan the documents in an observant manner. Each line, each word and each letter is given a closer look to check if there are mistakes, typos or any kind of silliest errors.

5.Excellent English skills: It is an art to find errors and correct them. This requires excellent level of English grammar knowledge and use of that knowledge to check inconsistencies in a write-up.

These are few of the differences between editing and proofreading.

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