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Monday, 27 March 2017

How to add a tone to an essay

What is a tone? How does it affect an essay?

Tone is nothing but a mood or vibe that is created while an essay is written. To add a tone there are several factors that should be considered.

A tone in an essay is added by including diction (choice of words), syntax (formation of a sentence), punctuation marks (which will have a huge impact) and the viewpoint.  

Importance of a tone in an essay

1.Tone is an individual’s personality which will be brought out live in an essay. It is a  point of view to show it to the audience and opportunity to express oneself.

2.Tone can gather huge readership because of the environment it creates. An attitude of an essay is decided by the choice of words which proportionally becomes the tone.

3.Using good tone in an essay will bring positivity into it thus gaining popularity among the audience.

4.Adding a tone will bring a story to itself without further explanation needed for it.

How to add a tone to an essay

1.Catering to the large: Essays are written for the purpose of readers reading it. Hence tone must be added in such a way that it keeps them engaged in reading. Keeping in mind the audience and what do they expect from you is important.

2.Tone must be added based on the type of writing style:  Every essay demands a for itself. There are different writing styles; formal, informal, fiction, non-fiction, scientific fiction.
For example:
Scientific writing will have a tone created which is just written to inform people and not more than that.
Informal writing contains non-fiction elements which require tone which is on the lighter side. 

Examples of informal writing are: narrative essay, personal essay, descriptive essay
Humour, personal touch, information with entertainment (or infotainment), objective, logical, emotional are the emotions that must be added while writing such essays.

3.The power to change: A tone in an essay can change positive things to negative and vice versa.
Hence must be carefully written based on the situation and circumstance.

In informal writing:
1.Tone can be added which will bring character to the essay.
2.There can be conversations that can be included in an essay which will make it look more interesting and engaging.

3.Including dialogues in between will bring interest to read and also adds voice or tone to an essay.

4.Diction: You must be careful while choosing words. It can turn an essay into sarcastic, optimistic or a pessimistic one. However, it is chosen.

5.Voice of the essay: There must be a usage of active voice than passive voice as it connects to the readers well.

6.Adding adjectives: Adding adjectives in an essay will have its impact,therefore adding more tone to it. Examples are lively, suspicious, clueless etc.

These are few of the tips which will help in adding a tone to an essay

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