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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Useful academic terms that can be used in essay writing

Useful academic words and phrases that can be used in essay writing:

We all want our essays to be perfect. Who does not? There are several techniques available online that can be included to make an essay better; in terms of structure, formatting styles, writing skills and styles. But there is one dimension of writing also that is missed most of the time. It is using appropriate words fitting to context.
Here in this article, we will discuss on certain terminologies which can be utilized while writing an academic essay.

Academic writing follows formal writing style thus use of more formal words and phrases. It is fair enough to use these words properly so that it brings justice to the content which is being written.

To make it easier, here we have categorized the use of academic words and phrases according to the situations in which they are used. 

10 situations where appropriate academic terms can be used in essay writing:

1.Stating or proving a point:
  • To put in other words
  • According to a study
  • In my opinion
  • Adding to the fact
  • To estimate
  • To answer these questions, here we have
  • To add to the debate
  • On the logical grounds
  • In my point of view
  • In my experience
  • It is essential to...
  • With respect to...
  • Subsequently
  • Suppose to/use to 

  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly...
  • To begin with
  • Eventually
  • Discuss
  • Giving an outline
  • On account of
  • Typically
  • In the initial stage
  • Respectively
  • In this context

3.Referring to something:
  • Adding further point to this
  • In reference/with reference to this
  • As far as... is concerned
  • With regards to
  • Not only...but also
  • Coupled with
  • To be specific...
  • Having said that
  • Provided
  • With respect to

  • Similarly
  • As well as
  • In contrast to
  • When compared to...
  • Inspire of/despite of
  • In comparison to...

5.Giving examples:
  • For example
  • To illustrate this point
  • Such as...
  • That is to say

6.Giving importance:
  • Stressing on this
  • Based on this
  • I would like to point out

  • Standing by the point
  • Therefore
  • For this reason
  • Consequently
  • As a result

8.Extra information
  • Furthermore
  • Adding to this
  • On the contrary
  • However
  • In addition to this

9.To give clarification:
  • In fact
  • In theory it is...but in reality...
  • After considering the advantages and disadvantages...
  • Because of this...
  • On one hand...On the other hand...

  • On the whole
  • All in all
  • Basically
  • In general
  • To a large extent
  • As a rule
  • To some extent

These are few of the phrases that can be used while an essay is written to make it more effective and have better readability.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Difference between editing and proofreading

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Editing and proofreading, both might mean the same thing. But there are certain parameters set which makes them very different from each other.

Both are an inevitable part of the writing process. Finding the difference between the two is not difficult. It itself is a difference where editing is the first stage after the write-up is finished and proofreading is the last stage of writing. 

Definition of editing:
Editing is more than a process in itself which helps in making an essay better. The intelligent part of editing is to modify the content without harming the meaning or opinion it provides.

Definition of proofreading:
Proofreading is a tool to check for the grammatical mistakes and typography that a write-up contains. It requires keen mind and observance to check each and every aspect of that an essay has to offer.   

5 differences between editing and proofreading


1.Editing is a tool: It is used to craft the essay in a better way, It involves adding more content to the existing write-up or discard certain content which is not required.

2.Checking the flow: Editing is a process where the flow of content and the use of words are given a check. Moreover, editors edit the content to bring clarity to it without harming the original writer’s idea or thought flow.

3.Makes it presentable: Editing makes the write-up presentable and appealing to eyes making it better organized.
4.Bringing clarity: Editing is a crucial part of writing where the overall structure, quality, flow, evidences and other aspects are given a keen look.

5.Addressing to audience: Editing is more concerned with targeting the write-up to the appropriate audience. Editing must be done is such a way it gets channelized properly without hampering the quality of an essay. 

1.Last stage of writing: Proofreading comes at the last stage of writing, where it is checked for one last time before it is ready for the publish.

2.Keen observation: When a content is proofread, it will test all arenas for getting the best write-up. There is a keen observation on the formatting style used, the type of English language used (British or American), sentence structure, and the style in which it is presented.

3.A note on spellings:  When a write-up is being written, there are less chances of detailing given to spellings, punctuation marks and the sentence structure. Thus while proofreading, all these come into picture.

4.Scanning the document: Proofreaders scan the documents in an observant manner. Each line, each word and each letter is given a closer look to check if there are mistakes, typos or any kind of silliest errors.

5.Excellent English skills: It is an art to find errors and correct them. This requires excellent level of English grammar knowledge and use of that knowledge to check inconsistencies in a write-up.

These are few of the differences between editing and proofreading.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Points to note while buying custom essays

Things you need to know when buying custom essays

Universities get offended if the essay written by a student turns to be plagiarized. Professors give markings for an essay based on its originality, uniqueness and the how much informative it is.

Students, who are practically well informed and well read, tend to lose the marks because of their inexperience in using the English language. Non-native students confront such situations. To tackle this kind of problem, one of the ways that they follow is relying on essay writing services. They seek the help of professional writers to buy a custom essay.  

How to buy custom essays?

  To buy any service, a customer thinks twice about it. In the aspect of getting quality service, there are few parameters that are checked. While buying a custom essay too, students must note some of the characteristics of an essay writing service.

To help them in finding the best essay writing service to buy a custom essay, here we have noted some of the qualities of them.

12 points to consider while buying custom essays

1.Service which promotes non-plagiarism:
A custom essay is the one which is non-plagiarized and does not contain paraphrased sentences. Best essay writing service writes them keeping in mind the universalities in mind to support non-plagiarism.

2.Content which is written from scratch:
Best writers from custom essay writing service write the content from scratch. The paper written from scratch holds more value as they are written with accurate information including facts.

3.Revision policy:
Revision policy makes it easy to get the best quality essay. Students can get the help of writers to edit the work and bring in changes to submit them as assignments. Such essay writing services must be chosen which allows unlimited revisions for an essay.

4.Native writers writing the paper:
As native writers understand better to write the essays, essay writing services hire them. Such writers must be chosen as they know the standards of writing a paper.

5.Quality writers:
Custom essays can be written only by quality writers; as they put quality in the first place. Their ability to write best quality essays increases the readability. With much regards to their talent, students can buy good assignments from them to submit to universities. 

6.Subject experts:
Subjects like medicine, law, medicine and nursing require in-depth subject knowledge to write assignments on them.

Such expertise can be found only in subject experts. Essay writing services which hire subject experts to write premium quality essays must be trusted.

7.Research on the topic:
A lot of research goes in to write a quality essay. One cannot deny the fact that research paper consumes lot of time and patience; to research on them and structure the researched point into a well-formatted essay.

Best writers practice on such qualities. Hence only such essay writing services must be relied upon which hires such writers.

8.Referecne policy:
Good quality essays have a common quality of referring to reputable sources. This makes the content unique and well read.

Bibliography and references must be mentioned at the end to increase the reader’s attention.

9.Direct communication:
The chosen writer and students who have ordered for an essay must be in constant touch so as to modify the content as and when required. This will glorify the content and bring add better things to the essay.

10.Sample writings:
Sample writings of writers are one way of choosing the best writers for writing a custom essay. These writings are found on essay writing websites which showcases the talent of their writing. 

11.Delivery on time:
On time delivery is the major factor responsible for increasing the quality of service. The essay writing services which manage to submit the assignment just before the deadline are to be counted upon.

12.Best use of language and grammar:
Best writers make optimum use of language and grammar to write effectively. As writing essays involve words, writing indirectly speaks about the person who has written it. Hence this is also one of the deciding factors to choose best essay writing service. 

These are some of the worthy points that need to be considered while buying custom essays online. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Where to order my essay?

Which are the best places to order my essays?

Essays are an important part of the college curriculum.They contribute a great share towards earning credits. 

With so much of importance given to the essays, it sometimes becomes difficult to complete them because of less time, not skilled enough to write or a complex topic to write upon. The reason might be anything.

With this dilemma that the student faces, there
are few trusted and legal essay writing websites which help them out. 

What are the essay writing services?
These are the online writing services which take the assignments as orders from the students and completes them within the delivery time.

6 Best webiste to order my essays

Out of few trusted websites, we have listed six of the best essay writing service which have been delivering good content to the students.

One of the best websites, Assignmenthelpuk has been promising services to the students at the same time, fulfilling those services.

They have attained mastery in providing quality essays to the students. With affordable prices, students can be sure to buy them for a writing that is worth it.

With their mission to be the number one choice for the essay writing service for the students ahead, the students can order an essay from them without the worry of delivery. Because they deliver the service on time.

Being a premier choice for the Australian students, Aussieessays have been delivering good content to the students from the initial stage of their business. With experts on their side, only quality content is produced.

They revise the content till the client is satisfied which is one of the unique features of the website. 

Sortmyassignment can be the top choice for your next assignment. With good quality writers, on time delivery and value for money, Sortmyassignment can be counted for the essay writing.

The write-up is written by native UK and US universities only, which means they adhere to the rules and reference style applicable to UK and US universities.

A professional writing service, it is one of the good websites which provides plagiarism free content to its students. With over 8 years of experience in writing for the students, they always deliver the best content.

Some of the unique features of Canadaessaywriting website are:
Free progress reports on the draft
24/7 customer support
Affordable prices
Plagiarism free content

A legitimate essay writing service, which does the business efficiently; Lifesaveressay is proving its best by delivering best content from the best writers. With this, discounts are being offered for ordering the same.

The students need not worry as their personal information and identity is completely safe with them.

Helpwritinganessay company does not compromise on quality and professional hence can be regarded as one of the best essay writing services. Quality writers and on time delivery are their source of strength.

Some of the features of their service:
Native writers write the assignment for the students
On time delivery of the content
100% confidentiality of the students’ personal information 

What are the services of essay writing companies with whom I can order my essay?

1.Delivering high content quality.

2.On time delivery of the assignment to the students.

3.There is 24/7 customer support available for any doubts that arise.

4.Favorable discounts are offered for the excellent service that they provide.

5.They provide unlimited revisions for the work written.

6.There provide transparency by bridging the gap between the writer and the client

7.High-quality writers are hired to write the custom essays.

8.They refer to varied styles and adopt the proper format for the write-ups.

9.Their pricing is affordable so that the students can benefit from the service.

10.One of the good services is returning money on unsatisfactory results. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to write an essay real quick

Getting the essays done quickly is a challenging task.
Essay writing is a skill which can be learned with time. The pace of writing an essay differs from person to person, but significant element to be considered is to deliver best content.

There are chances where an essay has to be completed quickly. By meaning to write in a shorter span, it should not have an adverse effect on the quality of the content being delivered. Keep an essay’s quality intact and writing it very fast does become hectic sometimes is it not? No. Not probably.

How to go about writing them fast? Here are a few to note:
1.Set the right backdrop:
Setting a backdrop for an essay is much crucial as it becomes easy to write them. Planning a backdrop (or a background) will help in bringing information together thus saving time.

2.Question which must be read properly:  To every question, there is an answer; directing a proper answer to the question asked remains vital. An essay topic much like a question must have an appropriate answer which propagates to the question being asked. 

3.Chunking the essay into bits:
Often called as a structure of an essay, it must be separated into chunks which can be easily laid as one whole at a later stage. These sections are segregated as introduction, body and a conclusion. 

4.Add more to the chucks:
When an essay is divided into sections, each section will have its subordinating points making it clearer to understand, thus each bit adds its value for its own. 

5.Plan time judiciously on each section:
Every part of an essay cannot be given an equal amount of time; an introduction part may take less time when compared to a body section.

So planning time judiciously for each becomes necessary. Not investing too much on one or neglecting the other is the key. 

Getting along? Good. Now here are some more which binds the essay together. 

6.Give more time to writing than researching:
Of course, research is an integral part of an essay. But while there is a hurry to write an essay, time must be given for writing more than research.

This must not lead to researching on a low-quality information but researching for content in reputable sources which leads to gather more content for an essay 

7.Time for editing and proofreading all along:
If an essay has to be submitted or written fast, editing and proofreading have to be done simultaneously. It consumes a whole lot of time to draft, edit, and proofread separately.

An essay must be completed by taking care of these things altogether.

8.Keeping the style going:
Learning to plan is planning to learn. Essays are to be written in a specific format. They let the content be in a proper structure. The standard reference styles that are followed are MLA, APA, and Harvard etc.

9.Apt context for the content:
Essays must convince and showcase the content in such a way that it adapts to the situation and provides apt information.

Stuffing too much of information to increase the word length or writing in length which tends to deviate from the point being discussed is strictly avoided.

10.Convince  with the plan than explaining it:
Convincing readers is more important than explaining a concept. For this purpose, more of illustrations have to be used to make it look better. Examples with light touch to reality and facts, statistics are how information must be presented.

11.Include hook statement which can be developed further:
Hooking the readers onto the writing is a skill that needs to be learned. An essay can be built fast if it is written with a catchy hook statement. This, further will help in building it properly by making transitions within an essay.

12.Building an opinion and being specific:
The vital part of an essay is to build an opinion and infuse it throughout the content. It is to be noted that the point to be informed must withhold the length and breadth of an essay and try to be as specific as possible.

That being said,
These are some of the points which will help in building an essay fast. Time saving and efficient, these are the tips that must be adapted the next time you write an essay. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Tips to write like a professional

Professionals ace in delivering great service; be it in any field. For writing an essay too, it takes some time to master techniques in building it with perfection. But become a master, there are certain techniques, knacks to be learned which will lead to perfection.

Writing is a like an ocean, the deeper you go, the deeper you get into it. With vastness that it follows, it becomes difficult from where to start and how to continue with it. Here are few efficient tips that will help in building a perfect essay. These professional tips will make an essay better to read and help in achieving the goal of perfection in writing. 

Tips to write like a professional:
1.Writing for the target audience:
Professional writers believe in delivering the service at the right place for the right people. They have the technique of convincing them with the right writing skills. Hence the chosen audience must be targeted with the right content that they are interested to read.

2.Using words that are familiar:
Being a professional writer does not require using complex words or write unfamiliar words just to showcase their uniqueness. The goal of writing an essay must be to inform readers and not cater them with an alien substance. New things have to be prompted to them in a familiar manner. 

3.Proofread them well:
Proofreading becomes important to make sure that the content delivered does not reflect any errors. Once content is written, it must be read thoroughly several times before they are published or submitted.

4.Draft once written, should never be settled for:
Improvisation is the key to success. A draft should not be settled with once it is written. Things are learned from the mistakes done earlier which become an experience later.
Hence when professional writers write content, they improvise their writing in each and every step until they are satisfied with what they have written.

5.An essay must emote something:
Through words, people have gifted good content to this world. Happiness, sadness, anger all emotions can be showcased just by using these words. Professional writers use these words to emote something, create an opinion about it. 

6.Serving the purpose:
The main purpose of writing an essay is to educate people on the things that they are not aware of or letting them know more about it. Thus professional writers should have a bent of mind and critical thinking to know what content they are delivering.

7.Write with unique style:
Each writer has their writing style which is unique from others. Professionals must know their style of writing and learn different styles to adopt in their own writing.

8.Apt use of words:
Certain subject has their way of writing. Similarly, each specific area will use certain words will boost the quality of an essay. These words must be carefully used to bring out the best.

9.Adhere to particular style:
There are standard reference styles such as MLA, APA, and Oxford which are helpful in creating a presentable essay. Writers must adhere to these styles as and when required.

10.Research well before putting on paper:
A lot of research goes into writing a well-informed essay. Hence keen observation and analytical mind must be developed by a writer to write professionally.

11.Practice writing for different genres:
Different genres require different type of writing. Fiction uses more of imagination, nonfiction has more of experience, and science involves theory and evidence. 
Thus it becomes clear to adapt to writing different types of write-ups.

12.Religious towards following the process:
Following process or a procedure is must for writing an essay. These rules make them more uniform and standard in nature. Thus being strict and religious in following these rules is very much important. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Qualities of a good essay

How should an essay be like?

Writing is a form of art. Many great things in this universe have been expressed through words.  Essay being a part of writing holds great importance.
They have been included in schools and colleges to inculcate good writing skills.
Little are the facts known about writing quality essays. It takes a lifetime to perfect the art of writing, but can be started however by noting some of the important features or qualities of an essay and how it should be.

12 Qualities that every essay must have

1.Prompt to the answers:
The essay which is being written must prompt to answer. Basically, an essay is a piece of writing which informs the readers about a particular topic. The topic should be justified by conveying the message properly.

2.Engaging to read:
The critical part of an essay is to engage readers in reading the whole essay.The flow of an essay should be such that it establishes a connection with the readers automatically. There is no magic formula required to write, just informative words which promote great meaning to an essay. 

3.Not too many complex words:
Most students assume that inclusion of complex words and difficult terms in their essays will have a huge impact. But little do they know that an essay which comes out as a successful one is written using plain, simple words. Check on how using such simple words will make an essay better. 

 An essay must focus on a particular point of the topic. Things should not get deviated from the point to be explained. If an essay is not given proper justification, it loses its originality thereby resulting to meaningless context.

5.Specific procedure:
Every essay follows a proper format and a structure. This leads to writing a quality essay. The structure of an essay follows an introduction, body section, and a conclusion.
It must also adhere to a particular reference style such as APA, MLA, Harvard etc which is a requirement in many universities.

6.Must be unique and original:
It is more of a responsibility to write unique and original essays. It becomes an act of plagiarism if the work is copied from somebody else or stolen from somewhere. 

7.Reference and bibliography:
A well-written essay is the one which contains proper references. This leads to giving accurate information to the readers. Care must be taken to cite the sources properly. Reputable sources must be utilized for referring purpose.

8.Continuous flow throughout the essay:
As mentioned above essay consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each section has its own importance.
Introduction part introduces the readers to the essay giving a brief idea about the topic being written. It then builds a link to the body section of the essay where the major part of the information is written.
The essay ends with conclusion part, which concludes convincing the readers with a valid and strong point.

9.Impeccable grammar:
Needless to say, a good quality essay must have good grammar. This is an important aspect to be kept in mind. Use of the language and writing style also are taken into consideration when writing an essay.

10.Catchy introductory statement:
Hooking the reader till the end is an intelligent writer’s talent. Although with practice, it can be mastered; there are few techniques that can be followed to write a good essay. One of them in including catchy introductory statement, this is the most convincing factor to catch reader’s mind over the topic.

11.Strong thesis statement:
Introduction part of the essay must always consist of a thesis statement. This is a major make it or break it part of the essay which decides the readability; such should be the use of words which owes everything to the essay as a whole.

12.Expressing opinions:
An opinion must be included rather than any prediction. Expressing opinions is more appropriate than deciding for yourself about the topic being talked about. Throughout the essay, there must be enough information given, which justifies to what is being written  

The outcome of having these qualities:

After briefing about the qualities of an essay, it is worthwhile to know that the outcome of an essay will be of satisfying one. Successful essays are those which abide by all the rules and follow the writing style in an appropriate manner.