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Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to deal with exam stress

What are the best ways to remove stress and score well in exams?

Coming to think of it, we all have dealt with this. A day before the D-day, we all have felt the nerves crack. Students do feel nervous while giving the exam. Due to stress, many students have underperformed even though they have prepared well for it.

Why does this happen? Why does stress take all the hard work that was put? How to deal with stress while writing an exam?
Here are few of the tips given which might be useful to students to gain confidence back. It surely will be useful when the mind is under stress and needs relaxation. Read along to know more.

What are the adverse effects of stress during examination?

Stress not only degrades the scores in our exams, it might also have adverse effect on health. What are the other symptoms that are commonly found when in stress? Take a look.

1.Constant tiredness


3.Change in appetite

4.Lower confidence level

5.Anticipation of scoring less

6.Comparing yourself with others

7.Feel tensed about the exam

8.Change in the sleeping pattern

9.Getting the negative vibrations

To avoid these, find the best stress relievers which are mentioned below.

How to avoid stress? 10 best ways to avoid stress during exam

1.Prepare ahead of time: To be stress free, it is important to plan ahead of time. Prepare yourself well before the exam date arrives. Prior preparation for an exam boosts the confidence in writing answers in the exam as well as making your mind stress free.
To plan ahead of time, there must a time table prepared so that the study pattern can go according to the plan.

2.Be healthy: Stress can make mind boggle and leave students under tension. This should be avoided as it will have a reverse effect on the health. To make sure that exams are given out well, you must be healthy , have healthy habits, and healthy must be taken.

3.Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly can give peace of mind and relaxation and the body and mind. Regular exercise will help in burning the stress.

4.Meditate:  Meditation is proved to the best healer of anxiety, stress. Meditating regularly will leave a positive impact therefore regaining the confidence back in you.

5.Write down whenever there is anxiousness: Whenever the mind does not work or is under stress, it must be brought down to control. To do this, write down whatever comes to your or spill your heart out. This way, the mind will come back to senses.

6.Speak out with family and friends: This is one of the best solution to relieve yourself from stress. Speaking with your family or friends will help in reducing the tension, This has been proved the tonic for your problem.

7.Practise mock tests: Students are commonly anxious about the pattern of the paper and how to write answers in the exam. To avoid such fear, it is advised to practise mock tests.
Mock tests are the blueprint of the actual question paper. They might not contain the same questions but will have the replica of the pattern that is followed.
This method will help in reducing stress level as well as give confidence to write better.

8.Take breaks in between while writing the exam: While writing the exam, it is suggested to take breaks in between. By doing this, you are allowing the brain to think and write effectively. Stressing yourself too much to write an answer is an attempt made to block your mind.

9.Have a good sleep the day before exam: It goes without saying that a good sleep will definitely help in writing the exams better. Studies have suggested that the students who sleep at night for long hours have scored better than the one who sleep for lesser hours.

10.Take a deep breath before writing: Before the start of the exam, you must take a deep breath. Taking deep breath will help in regaining the confidence and at the same time will help you revise what has been studied.

These are few of the tips which will help in dealing with the exam stress. Be sure to relax your mind before attempting an exam.

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