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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to write a film analysis essay

How to write a film analysis essay? A step by step guide

Who does not like watching movies? There are many skilled writers who put up beautiful views about a movie that they watched. These film reviews help in getting more audience for a film. Films are easy to watch but writing how a film was, how it affected you needs a little bit of practise and skill.
Here is an article which will help you in knowing how to write a film analysis essay. There are few simple guides that are helpful in knowing how to pen an essay about the recent film that you watched.

What is a film analysis essay? 
Film analysis essay is a kind of essay which has in-depth narration of a film that was released. It gives an insight and a perspective from a writer’s side. It is a type of informal essay  which describes the pros and cons of film and how the film has made a huge impact.

Film reviews are written for two kinds of movies.

1.Commercial movies

2.Feature movies 

Elements to be added while writing a film analysis essay:

1.The film’ name

2.The genre to which it belongs to

3.The cast of the film                                        

4.The outcome of the film

How to write a film analysis essay?

Step1:Know about the film – To write a film analysis essay, it is important to know about the film. Watching a film with interest and a different perspective counts rather than watching it for entertainment purpose.

Step2:Critically analyse the film – It is clearly a characteristic of a  movie buff where a film is not only watched but critically analysed. Every angle and every aspect of the movie must be analysed critically so that it becomes easy to write an essay.  Click here for an example of a movie review.

Step3:Write in-depth- Once the essential materials for writing a film analysis essay is collected, it must be then organized properly. To write in-depth, the characters, the plot must be included.

Step4:Include pros and cons – Every film that is made will have its own pros and cons. Some of them may have great story play written but is not well executed. Some film may have wonderful star cast but fails to deliver optimum output due to loose script. 

Step5:Write an introduction- The next step is to write an introduction section. This section must include the film’s story line, its background, and the stars in it. It must subtly introduce the movie.

Step6:Include the analysis in the body section-  This section must have the explanation to the movie being written. The in-depth analysis of the character, the plot, how the plot has its own shift in the story  must be included in the body section.

Step7:Write the final verdict of the film- The last section of the essay is to conclude the essay. This section must give a final verdict on how the film, is it worth for re-watching. It is better to avoid being neutral and give direct conclusion to it.  

Tips to consider while writing a film analysis essay

1.The essay must be conversational meaning it can come under narrative essay or descriptive essay.

2.It is advised to write the essay using informal language.

3.Look at the movie in every angle and dimension so that you can find something unique about it.

4.It is suggested to present it in such a way that it makes the reader feel about the movie in better manner.

These are the few tips that can be helpful to write a film analysis essay.

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