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Monday, 23 January 2017

Tips to overcome writer's block

How to remove a writer's block? 

It happens such that suddenly, the mind becomes blank and you can’t think of anything.You had written one and a half pages of that essay and just half page more to go when accidentally writer’s block appears.With more than 1 hour, and no words are spilling out of your mind. Can resemble such situation? 

All writers at given point of time while writing, face such situation. It can’t be avoided (All for no reason). It is inevitable to have writer’s block for any person who loves writing. Well, writer’s block does not deliberately occur all the time but can be killed (and not avoiding it) with these simple tips mentioned below. Read on to know about them. 

Why do we get writer’s block?

It is a more of just a mentality than anything that appears externally.There is no specific reason as to why there appears a writer’s block all of a sudden; sometimes due to stress or some disturbing events or factors.

Is it normal to be in a writer’s block?

Absolutely! The science behind writer’s block is purely simple! It is the inability to think of something for a while. It does disappear after a while. How to externally disable the writer’s block is the basic question that people enquire to which you need to read on further.

Top 15 tips to overcome writer’s block:

1.Stop writing: Stop writing at that moment. Thinking about writer’s block itself is a chance given to increase the writer’s block.

2.Go for a walk: To loosen up the brain, it needs fresh air. Go for a walk nearby your home. Or jog up the hill. The air lets the mind breathe.

3.Drink a glass of water or fresh lime juice: Drinking water lets the mind relax, some refreshments too would do. This releases the stress that has entangled the brain.

4.Start listening to music which pacifies the mind: Music is an instrument to relax the mind. It plays magic in creating peace. Good and peaceful music must be preferred to rock or something which is loud.

5.Going back to good old times: Think about the last time you smiled and the reason behind it. The time when you laughed your ribs off and similarly some good memories. This makes the writer’s block vanish in no time.

6.Put on music and dance to it: Dancing like nutcases on music will relieve you from the writer’s block. It is like diverting the mind to something which means silly sometimes.

7.Watch something which makes you laugh: Laughing helps to better the health.  When you are facing writer’s block, put on cartoons or comedy shows and try to laugh harder.

8.Eat something or cook: Sometimes all you need is food! If you know to cook well, cook something delicious or you can even eat something.

9.Speak to your family or closest friend: To get out of the writer’s block, you must speak your heart to your family or any closest friend. Don’t miss such opportunity as these precious times spent with your friends and family members are a worth to remember later on.

10.Meditate. Let the mind relax: The best thing about life is when the mind relaxes without even one thought disturbing you. Less are the moments when mind meditates for its own peace. This automatically removes the writer’s block.

11.Spend some time with your pet: Pets show unconditional love selflessly. They are the best gifts that a man could get. Spending the time with them will make you feel fresh and energetic.

12.Try singing: Even being a bathroom singer doesn’t matter, but singing does help you to relax. It releases the stress that has roomed up the brain.

13.Start doodling or drawing something: Drawing is one of the arts and is one of a kind. It increases creativity and induces interests. Any scribble would do. Or drawing seriously will help you to decrease that writer’s block.

14.Sleep or take rest for a while: If the mind is blank and doesn’t care a bite, then think of taking some rest or sleep for a while. And no sooner will you get up, than you’ll find yourself normal again. It is just that the brain lags up frequently.

15.Play games on your phone: To remove the writer’s block, you can play a game. Gaming pushes you to concentrate and play better. This will shift your attention towards the game. 


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