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Monday, 30 January 2017

Article and essay; finding the fine line between them.

What is an essay? What is an article? How do we differentiate them?

We are all familiar with articles and essays. They were the part of our assignments and homework. Little did we know that there is a difference between them and their writing approach (perhaps some people knew already). So here we have listed the difference between an article and an essay along with their specific purpose of writing.

It is a piece of writing which is published in the newspaper, magazine and other publication sources. The one that you are reading now, one that you found on the internet and which are in the newspapers; all are articles. They are the words written to inform the public on any random topic.

It is a piece of writing concentrating more on the subject and not solely for publication purpose. It is supported by fixed formats in which it has to be written. Essays are of different types. All have specific formats in which they are to be written. 

Getting the difference between them:

1.Fixed format:
Articles have to be written in headings and sub-headings format.

Essays have to be written in the format of introduction, body (with 2 or more paragraphs) and a conclusion.

2.Citations and references:
Articles do not need any references or citations as the prime purpose of the article is to serve the readers with information.

Essays need citations and references as they are subject to deep research followed by responding to the topic they are to be written. Referring them with appropriate references helps in preventing plagiarism.

3.Niches differ:
Articles can be written on any general topic adding informative information to it.Specific subject does not follow here.

Essays are more of scientific subjects and technical part, historic events which require proper evidence and strong facts. Hence only selective topics can be written as an essay.

4.Analyzing part:
Articles do not need deep analyzing. They are just the informative piece of writing targeted to the specific audience.

Essays are more of analyzing with a need to research, citations and references to be followed. This leads to a well-constructed essay with accurate information.

Articles do not necessarily need a conclusion to end them properly, they just have to follow the heading and subheading part.

Essays, on the other hand, need a strong conclusion in response to the topic that is written. It is judged by the quality of the introduction, body part, and the conclusion; all of them being a pivotal part.

6.Presenting the write ups:
Articles must contain quintessential information as well as suitable graphics to make it more reader friendly; people tend to connect more to the write ups which are engaging in nature.

Essays are not the one in which graphics are entertained. They just need to be in proper structure giving more of depth to the information.

Articles do not fall under the particular category. Topics can be for example” How to articles”, an article describing something, satire article etc.

Essays have their types such as narrative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, persuasive essay.

Articles may length up to 1500 words and cannot be longer than that. The space provided for the articles in newspapers, magazines and on a webpage is relatively less, and some of the space is taken by the graphics to keep the readers engaging.

Essays have to be 3000 words long or more than that. They are descriptive in nature and more of information is to be added.

9.Reader interaction:
Articles are formed to give personal insight and have more opinion and information on which further discussions can be continued.

Essays are more of statistics, data and representation of some complex information. Hence there is less room for opinions except for some types of essays where opinions are required(such as a descriptive essay).

10.Writing style:
Articles represent information hence first person objects (such as I, me, mine, we, us) are to be used to be more engaging.  

Essays represent facts and statistical information hence first person objects are suggested not to use.

These are the differences which form an article and an essay.

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