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Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to write an essay real quick

Best ways to write an essay quickly

Essay writing is a skill which can be learned with time. The pace of writing an essay differs from person to person, but significant element that is to be considered is to deliver best content.

There are chances when an essay has to be completed quickly. By meaning to write in a shorter span, it should not have an adverse effect on the quality of the content being delivered. Keep an essay’s quality intact and writing it very fast does become hectic sometimes is it not? No. Not probably.

How to write an essay fast? Here are top 12 tips to note:

1.Set the right backdrop:
Setting a backdrop for an essay is much crucial as it becomes easy to write them. Planning a backdrop (or a background) will help in bringing information together thus saving time.

2.Question which must be read properly:  To every question, there is an answer; directing a proper answer to the question asked remains vital. An essay topic much like a question must have an appropriate answer which propagates to the question being asked. 

3.Chunking the essay into bits:
Often called as a structure of an essay, it must be separated into chunks which can be easily laid as one whole at a later stage. These sections are segregated as introduction, body and a conclusion. 

4.Add more to the chucks:
When an essay is divided into sections, each section will have its subordinating points making it clearer to understand, thus each bit adds its value for its own. 

5.Plan time judiciously on each section:
Every part of an essay cannot be given an equal amount of time; an introduction part may take less time when compared to a body section.

So planning time judiciously for each becomes necessary. Not investing too much on one or neglecting the other is the key. 

6.Give more time to writing than researching:
Of course, research is an integral part of an essay. But while there is a hurry to write an essay, time must be given for writing more than research.
This must not lead to researching on a low-quality information but researching for content in reputable sources which leads to gather more content for an essay.

7.Time for editing and proofreading all along:
If an essay has to be submitted or written fast, editing and proofreading have to be done simultaneously. It consumes a whole lot of time to draft, edit, and proofread separately.
An essay must be completed by taking care of these things altogether.

8.Keeping the style going:
Learning to plan is planning to learn. Essays are to be written in a specific format. They let the content be in a proper structure. The standard reference styles that are followed are MLA, APA, and Harvard etc.

9.Apt context for the content:
Essays must convince and showcase the content in such a way that it adapts to the situation and provides apt information.
Stuffing too much of information to increase the word length or writing in length which tends to deviate from the point being discussed should be strictly avoided.

10.Convince  with the plan than explaining it:
Convincing readers is more important than plainly explaining a concept. For this purpose, more of illustrations have to be used to make it look better. Examples with light touch to reality and facts, statistics are how information must be presented.

11.Include hook statement which can be developed further:
Hooking the readers onto the writing is a skill that needs to be learned. An essay can be built fast if it is written with a catchy hook statement. This, further will help in building it properly by making transitions within an essay.

12.Building an opinion and being specific:
The vital part of an essay is to build an opinion and infuse it throughout the content. It is to be noted that the point to be informed must withhold the length and breadth of an essay and try to be as specific as possible.

These are some of the points which will help in building an essay fast. Time saving and efficient, these are the tips that must be adapted the next time you write an essay. 

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