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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Qualities of a good essay

How should an essay be like?

Writing is a form of art. Many great things in this universe have been expressed through words.  Essay being a part of writing holds great importance.
They have been included in schools and colleges to inculcate good writing skills.
Little are the facts known about writing quality essays. It takes a lifetime to perfect the art of writing, but can be started however by noting some of the important features or qualities of an essay and how it should be.

12 Qualities that every essay must have

1.Prompt to the answers:
The essay which is being written must prompt to answer. Basically, an essay is a piece of writing which informs the readers about a particular topic. The topic should be justified by conveying the message properly.

2.Engaging to read:
The critical part of an essay is to engage readers in reading the whole essay.The flow of an essay should be such that it establishes a connection with the readers automatically. There is no magic formula required to write, just informative words which promote great meaning to an essay. 

3.Not too many complex words:
Most students assume that inclusion of complex words and difficult terms in their essays will have a huge impact. But little do they know that an essay which comes out as a successful one is written using plain, simple words. Check on how using such simple words will make an essay better. 

 An essay must focus on a particular point of the topic. Things should not get deviated from the point to be explained. If an essay is not given proper justification, it loses its originality thereby resulting to meaningless context.

5.Specific procedure:
Every essay follows a proper format and a structure. This leads to writing a quality essay. The structure of an essay follows an introduction, body section, and a conclusion.
It must also adhere to a particular reference style such as APA, MLA, Harvard etc which is a requirement in many universities.

6.Must be unique and original:
It is more of a responsibility to write unique and original essays. It becomes an act of plagiarism if the work is copied from somebody else or stolen from somewhere. 

7.Reference and bibliography:
A well-written essay is the one which contains proper references. This leads to giving accurate information to the readers. Care must be taken to cite the sources properly. Reputable sources must be utilized for referring purpose.

8.Continuous flow throughout the essay:
As mentioned above essay consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each section has its own importance.
Introduction part introduces the readers to the essay giving a brief idea about the topic being written. It then builds a link to the body section of the essay where the major part of the information is written.
The essay ends with conclusion part, which concludes convincing the readers with a valid and strong point.

9.Impeccable grammar:
Needless to say, a good quality essay must have good grammar. This is an important aspect to be kept in mind. Use of the language and writing style also are taken into consideration when writing an essay.

10.Catchy introductory statement:
Hooking the reader till the end is an intelligent writer’s talent. Although with practice, it can be mastered; there are few techniques that can be followed to write a good essay. One of them in including catchy introductory statement, this is the most convincing factor to catch reader’s mind over the topic.

11.Strong thesis statement:
Introduction part of the essay must always consist of a thesis statement. This is a major make it or break it part of the essay which decides the readability; such should be the use of words which owes everything to the essay as a whole.

12.Expressing opinions:
An opinion must be included rather than any prediction. Expressing opinions is more appropriate than deciding for yourself about the topic being talked about. Throughout the essay, there must be enough information given, which justifies to what is being written  

The outcome of having these qualities:

After briefing about the qualities of an essay, it is worthwhile to know that the outcome of an essay will be of satisfying one. Successful essays are those which abide by all the rules and follow the writing style in an appropriate manner. 

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