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Monday, 17 June 2013

Geography and Geology related writing help

Are you confused about the basic difference between Geography and Geology? Many students do get confused with these two concepts especially when it comes to writing an assignment. You need not worry, we can help you with your Geography and Geology related assignment writing.
We are specialized in all sorts of writing needs for students from all over the world for both undergraduate and graduate level, such as projects, thesis, dissertation, etc. We do custom made essays and will write quality essays as per your University standards and will deliver to you after the required quality and proof checks. You can score a 2:1 and a first class too. Besides we have subject specific writers and UK writers who are well versed with the UK University patterns, standards and requirements.

Please find below a small brief about both these subjects and their differences.

Geography basically deals with the physical world around us and how people get affected by it and so on. Things like what the climate was before and over the years how it has changed with the changing lifestyles of people based on their cultural and economic requirements. Geography can be classified as a science dealing with the overall physical shapes of the land, i.e. earth’s landscape, people, places, environment. In simple words the world around us. It can be a culmination of social sciences ( human geography) and natural sciences        ( physical geography).

Geology on the other hand deals with the shape of the ground and what is it made of, more from its natural perspective. What kind of layers the land is made of, how it formed and so on. It studies the physical properties of the earth’s components and the process by which they were formed. Geology can be classified as one of the Earth Sciences which focuses on the physical aspects of earth and how it was shaped such as rocks, sediments, flow of ocean, atmosphere, physical properties, composition, structure etc. Geologists generally study the formation of sediments, rocks, rivers, natural resources etc. and how these effect the ongoing environmental change in the near future.

There are many sub disciplines of Geology such as mining, engineering, petroleum, environmental, geochemistry, hydro-geology, sedimentology, historical, geophysics, volcanology, planetary geology etc.

Geography and Geology have a wide range of career options such as environmental regulation, environmental consultancy, mineral exploration, engineering geology, hydrocarbon or petroleum industry etc. 

Contact us and we will guide you further with your assignment writing needs. 

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