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Monday, 20 May 2013

Help with Various types of essays

Writing different types of essays have become a part of any college/school’s standardized tests in order to evaluate the students writing capabilities. Often choosing the right type of essay in response to the question or topic given is the key to any student’s true success. For this a good knowledge is necessary for the various kinds of writing and types of essays in order to be able to decide which one best suite your requirements.

Many students find it very difficult to write essays or assignments, let alone having the knowledge of being able to distinguish between the different types of essays. They find writing very tedious and stressful as they have a lot to study and have painful deadlines to meet to submit these assignments.

However why worry? We are here to help you to write your assignment for you and for all your essay writing services. Not only can we guide you in writing the right type of essay but also will provide you with tips for writing and help you clarifying your queries. We will help you choose what is best for you.

So what are the different types of essays? There are many types of essays and hence it is easy to get confused as to which one is the right one to choose from. However essentially there are 4 main types of essays:

1.    Narrative Essays – Like telling a story

These types of essays, the writer should tell a story about a real life story or an actual incident. Much easy as it sounds the challenges that the student faces in this type of essay would be to be able to grip the reader’s attention as if he himself in involved as a part of the story. Hence making the story should be as clear as possible. Ultimately a well written narrative essay should finally draw some sort of a conclusion or some kind of personal statement which is the primary aim of writing any essay.

2.    Descriptive Essays – Visualize the scene
As the name suggests, in this type the writer should be able to write in such a way that the reader is able to visualize or imagine what the writer is writing about. It’s again a cousin of narrative type of essay however a little more in detail. The language here should be more appealing to the senses like smell, touch, hear and feel. The essayist should be able to communicate a deeper meaning through his description.
3.    Expository Essay – To the point, Facts
This is generally an informative piece of writing that basically acquaints the reader to a particular topic. It is a balanced analysis on the given subject. Here the main difference is that the writer will put forth only the facts and not his personal ideas, feelings or emotions. It is more formal in its approach to the reader.
4.    Persuasive Essay – Convincing

In this type of essay the writer is a little more convincing about what he is writing about.  
That is the reader has to be convinced and should start thinking from the writer’s point of view. So the writer should be very clear about what he is trying to convey to his readers with sound reasoning and solid evidence in order to be able to influence the readers.  Hence a sound and rational argument is most important in persuasive kind of essay.

If you are unable to decide or not sure what type of essay to write, just contact us and give us the details of your requirement and topic and we will help you in choosing  the right type of essay for  you.
We not only prepare custom made essays for you but also guide you with the correct format and structure of writing as per the required standards that will help you getting good grades too. 

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